McCoy's Bullies

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About Us...

 Hi, my name is Serina and I am the person you will be speaking to when you contact McCoy's Bullies.

I live in Stanley, VA with 6 Frenchies and 5 Bulldogs on a 38 acre farm with my husband, Ricky, son, Ryan, and daughter Tonya.  Tonya  is married and has given to us a precious gift from God, our first Grandchild, a little girl "Haley".  I try to spend a lot of time with my Granddaughter when I don't have babies.


Our home is always open to visitors.  When you purchase an English or a French Bulldog from us you will be a part of our family for lifetime.

I strive to raise healthy dogs, but also want to ensure that I am breeding my dogs to pass on superior genes just not breeding to make puppies.

Healthy puppies raised in a healthy environment makes a repeat buyer.  Come by and visit all of our Bullies.  You come into our home as a stranges and you leave as a friend.

These three precious babies are Cloey, Roxy & Bubbles. 

These are three babies that I raised and are now my breeders.

 These are photos of English Bulldog puppies that I have raised and sold.


This is Elsie, she is a retired female who has a forever home with us.  She is so good natured that you can do anything to her, like wearing this wig.  And she looks happy with her big smile on her face.

We love our dogs and love having fun with them.  They always make you laugh!